Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday Link Dump: BSC Fashion, Homo Sapiens and Old-Timey Hotness

I am not obsessed with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. OK, I totally am.
What would Claudia Kishi wear today? I think the clothes on this list - along with the other updates to childhood style icons - are pretty spot on. I kinda want to buy all the things.

Love, love, love this site featuring the stories of the books people have been given by the people they love. 

There's a new Les Mis trailer out, this time with people who aren't Anne Hathaway doing some singing. I haven't seen the musical or read the book, so I have nothing to compare it to, and frankly, I'm excited.

I started this Cracked clip sending up Hollywood's version of high schoolers for the The Lizzie Bennet Diaries stars, but I stayed for the lolz. Speaking of Darcy and Fitz, this happened this week. Then this. The awesomeness of which only makes sense if you've been watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. If you haven't, you don't deserve the awesomeness. (Just kidding. But seriously, you should watch it.)

I love a good pun. But a bad one is often even better.

Buzzfeed has a look at the "now and then" of popular magazines, compiling their first issues alongside their most recent, and it's awesome. Some have changed so much - and others, barely at all (granted they're younger mags). And who knew Better Homes and Gardens started life as Fruit Garden and Home?!

Yep, everything is better in mini.

Are you OCD-inclined? This blog will probably make you happy.

Pedestrian has a pretty great list of their favourite music moments in movies. Some of my faves that they didn't mention include those in Pretty in Pink, Beetlejuice, Wayne's World, Reservoir Dogs and Say Anything.

These cakes filled with hidden surprises are the best things I've ever seen.  

Thing I learnt this week: Our bodies have more bacterial cells than human cells in them. Ten times more. Also: humans started wearing clothes around 70, 000 years ago. Also: Oh, just read the article on the history (and future) of Homo Sapiens; it's absolutely fascinating.

What could be better than hot guys? Old-timey hot guys.

What could be better than old-timey hot guys?* Hot guys with puppies.

Still on the subject of old-timey things, they used to give hilarious (in hindsight) advice back in the day.

Jimmy Kimmel got his viewers to torture their kids on YouTube again by filming their reactions to being told all their Halloween candy had been eaten, and of course it's hilarious. Until the end, when I may have cried just a little bit at the awesome kids who don't mind sharing, especially the little dude who's like: "I don't care that you ate all my candy, mommy, I just want you to feel happy." Awwww.

If that didn't make your heart burst with squee, this cat that adopted baby hedgehogs will.

*Well, at least as awesome, if not better.

YouTube Clip of The Week
So much logic! It's amazing.


  1. I looove that buzzfeed post--with the exception of the Saved By the Bell girls (I don't think they'd wear the same. exact. clothes), they did a great job.

    1. Hehe, to be fair, I think at least Kelly's clothes are pretty much what teens are wearing now. The 90s are back in unfortunately.

  2. Oh! I must submit to The Books They Gave. My very first present from my husband was a book I'd been looking for for months--he had to search all over the internet to find it. Aw. And, of course, the Proust that he proposed with is pretty special, too. :)

    1. Wow, that is so incredibly lovely! You've got a keeper there. :)

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