Tuesday 15 March 2011

Bookish Fun: Game for history/Dickens nerds

My mum always says I was born in the wrong era (I am kinda obsessed with the past). But she also exclaims, "EW, imagine how bad their breath would be?!" every time a couple kiss in a period drama (way to ruin the romance, Mum!). So, when put in that light and mixed together with corsets, major gender inequality and the likelihood that even if I did live in the past, I probably wouldn't be a fancy lady but rather a scullery maid or, if I was lucky, a governess making eyes at the master, I do consider myself better off living in the modern day. Mostly. 

But, if by chance I was to fall into a time machine or discover a secret entry to David Copperfield's drawing room in my closet (holla, Lost in Austen), it's comforting to know that I would be able to survive and, in fact, be "the picture of politeness" if this fun little game (via Jezebel) is anything to go by. Although, apparently, I would have been better as a man in the Victorian era. As a woman, I was let down by my proclivity for dresses that bared a bit too much arm. Whoops.

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