Wednesday 21 December 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Cricket Bell


My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. While I mentioned in my review of Stephanie Perkins' Lola and the Boy Next Door that Cricket Bell was more friend than boyfriend material for me, he's still adorable enough that I had to feature him in MBB anyway. He's tall, with piercing blue eyes and crazy hair, and cares a lot about the way he looks; not in a conceited way, though - he just puts a lot of effort into the way he dresses and has a definite style. He's been in love with Lola forever and spends every chance he can get with her. He's open about his emotions and expresses them in the sweetest ways. He's also super smart, with dreams of being an inventor. I pictured him as Darren Criss.

Swoon-Worthy Quotes

“I know. And I couldn't wait any longer, I have to tell you - "
The panic rises, and I grip the French band tighter. "Cricket, please -"
But his words pour forth in a torrent. "I can't stop thinking about you, and I'm not the guy I used to be, I've changed -"
"Cricket -" I look back up, feeling faint.
His blue eyes are bright. Sincere. Desperate. "Go out with me tonight. Tomorrow night, every ni -" The words cut off in his throat as he sees something behind me.
Cigarettes and spearmint. I want to die.
"This is Max. My boyfriend. Max, this is Cricket Bell.”

Cricket’s limbs are still, but his chest is pounding hard against my own. “But you’ll want me someday? That feeling you once had for me … that hasn’t left either?”
Our hearts beat the same wild rhythm. They’re playing the same song.  “It never left,” I say.

“Lola?" Cricket is on his knees at the side of my bed. I feel it. "I'm here," he whispers. "You can talk to me or not talk to me, but I'm here.”

“So do you believe in second chances?" I bite my lip.
"Second, third, fourth. Whatever it takes. However long it takes. If the person is right," he adds.
"If the person is... Lola?"
This time, he holds my gaze. "Only if the other person is Cricket.”


  1. Ooooh cricket he is such a charming young man. I love the quotes you used!

  2. awwww Cricket is so swoon worthy! His lines to Lola made me swoon! He loved her so much! Great pics you found to represent him. He is so unique it is hard to think of someone to match what I see in my head but you found some great ones. I love Cricket. I loved him way more than St. Clair.

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  3. Your love affair with Darren Criss makes me happy! Those pictures of him represent Cricket very well. I haven't read the book yet, but I do feel like I know him because he's a popular choice for MBB! :)

  4. I like the name - Cricket Bell.

  5. Yeah, I love Cricket! The pictures are perfect for him! Love the quotes too.

    Here's mine:

  6. Darren is exactly who I pictured as Cricket. For me his personality was the perfect fit.

  7. Yeah I liked this guy in Lola and the boy next door! :) He was really nice :)

  8. I haven't read the book yet, so I don't know my opinion of him as a book bf, but the name Cricket is throwing me off.

  9. Darren Criss would make such a great Cricket! He even dresses like him!

  10. I love your choice for Cricket! I love Darren Criss! And the quotes were amazing.

  11. Darren Criss is the perfect boy-next-door type. Love the pics and the quotes! This sounds like a fun book.

  12. Darren Criss as Cricket Bell? I think we have a winner! Although I picture Darren as Adam in Gayle Forman's If I Stay, he seems like a perfect Cricket. They're both adorable and swoon-worthy! Arg! Why haven't I started on Lola yet? Sigh. Well, better get reading. Fantastic BB! I'm in love with Cricket already. And you picked really cute pictures of Darren:)

    Rockee @Rockee♥Musik♥Reads

  13. Aweee! I lurve cricket so much! And Darren Criss! So fabulous! I am lucky enough to live where he went to college. I saw him in A Very Potter Musical before he became big! I should have scooped him up then...#facepalm!