Wednesday 5 October 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Sinjin St. Sinjin

It's my favourite time of the week - My Book Boyfriend day! MBB is hosted by the lovely Missie at The Unread Reader, and it's all about fictional boys who we want to do bad things with date. This week I decided I wouldn't mind being stranded on a island with Sinjin St. Sinjin, the British (faux) pirate captain/reality TV star of Libba Bray's Beauty Queens. I love how accepting and open-minded he is, how much he cares about Petra and his adorable, cheeky sense of humour. His knowledge of Dickens is totally hot, too. I pictured him as Ed Westwick.
Here's how he's described in the book:
"He was a broad-chested guy of twenty with long, black, wavy hair, devilish sideburns, and a wicked smile that had charmed its way through many a port... He wore breeches tucked into tall boots and a puffy white pirate's shirt unbuttoned to his navel."
Swoon-worthy Quotes

"Sinjin thought for a moment. He wasn't good with disclosure. And he had nothing to compare to Petra's tale. What if she thought he was shallow or boring? Unworthy? He wasn't used to being taken off guard, but Petra made him feel both uncomfortable and nervous at the same time... More than anyone he had ever met, he wanted her to like him. Because he really, really liked her.
'I grew up in an orphanage in London. Horrible place.'
Sinjin nodded. 'Mmm. Saffron Hill.'
Petra raised an eyebrow. 'Saffron... Hill?'
'Yes, Saffron Hill. And a terrible place it was. Made us work all the day, never got enough food. Mr Bumble - the headmaster - used to beat us.'
'Sounds like you had a dickens of a time.'
Sinjing glanced at Petra's impassive expression. 'Indeed, indeed. Finally, at fifteen, I couldn't take it any longer. I ran away. Lived on the streets with m' pal, Jack D-'
'D'you know him?'
'Our mutual friend? Purely coincidental. Go on.'
Sinjin's grin spread. 'I had great expectations about how my life would go and then...'
'...Nicholas Nickleby! You fell on hard times and were living in a real bleak house.'
'Absolutely. I was totally scrooged.'"

"Sinjin looked her in the eyes. There was not a trace of smirk in his expression. ''I hope that real love and truth are stronger in the end than any evil or misfortune in the world.''
'David Copperfield,' Petra whispered, position her lips close to his.
'Why are you bringing magicians into it?' Sinjin said and kissed her tenderly. It was a kiss small in its ministrations but epic in its feeling."


  1. I love Ed Westwick! Definatly a great choice. I might stick around and drool at him a little longer!

  2. Ed Westwick is definitely an eye candy, thank you for introducing Sinjin St. Sinjin!

  3. I just started listening to Beauty Queens. I can't wait to meet Sinjin St. Sinjin!

  4. I loved Sinjin! I thought he was amazing just for the way he was with Petra. Fantastic. Ed is a great choice :)

  5. Sinjin is such a sexy name... wonder why? And I have to agree, the fact that he knows his Dickens is hot.

    You really need to consider changing careers... casting director is your calling.

  6. Sinjin is one heck of a great name for a character! Awesome :)

    Oh and ED---I think he might be the perfect choice to pull off a character named Sinjin.

  7. Oh Sin worthy... uh I mean Swoon worthy! :) What a great character and casting!

  8. Oh my ;)
    Ed is the perfect Sinjin!

  9. If Ed Westwick is who this guy reminds you of then I need to read this book IMMEDIATELY.

  10. Love Ed - that second pic he looks like he's planning something naughty :)

    Any character described with a wicked smile and being charming is full of win on that alone!

  11. ooh...gotta love the cheeky boys...especially ones that look like Ed Westwick.

    been meaning to get my hands on Beauty Queens for a while now...

  12. He's very cute - never heard of him though