Monday 10 October 2011

Mag Monday: My Mind Is Blown

I seriously NEED to get my hands on the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. It's the reunions issue, featuring Back to the Future! Pretty in Pink! Romy and Michelle! The Gilmore Girls! Home Improvement! THE PRINCESS BRIDE!


In other news, Taylor Lautner has officially been admitted into the Handsome Men's Club thanks to his spread in GQ this month.


  1. Amazing! Did you see Good Morning America on Friday? They had the cast of Princess Bride ON THE SHOW! It was a smaller segment near the end --- you can check it out on their website. ::Swoons::

  2. I LOVE Princess Bride. Never gets old.

  3. Ha! Very handsome indeed, but that last photo? That's an awkward position to stand in.

    And wow, reunions always melt my heart! MUST. OWN!

  4. Gilmore Girls! That's my favorite show. Never fails to put a smile on my face.

    And OHMYNINJAS HOME IMPROVEMENT! That's my shooooow! It's obsession, really. I'm sorry, but Jonathan Taylor Thomas kicks Taylor Lautner's ass. (Don't hurt me.)

  5. OMG Back to the Future, Pretty in Pink, and Romy and Michelle? I love it! FAB find. Thanks so much for sharing these.