Monday 17 October 2011

Mag Monday: Swooning Over Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer

I have a massive girl crush on Felicity Jones. I loved her in Northanger Abbey, thought she was brilliant in Chalet Girl, and just watching her performance in the trailer for Like Crazy makes me tear up. I'm so freaking excited for this movie (but also kinda dreading it, coz I know it will break my heart):

The release of the movie means Felicity is doing the promo rounds, which makes me super happy because she's appearing in some gorgeous photo shoots, like this one in US Elle:

On the guy side of my crush list, Armie Hammer is showing off his pretty in Prestige this month. Bonus points to the mag for using the headline "It's Hammer time" (cheesy puns FTW).


  1. That movie looks soul crushing. Part of me wants to see it for the beginning where they are so in love but I know the ending is just going to be the saddest ever... :/

  2. If the previews to Like Crazy make me cry, I don't want to know what the movie is gonna do to me. GAH! Still, totally want to watch it... like crazy!