Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Julian Ascher


My Book Boyfriend, hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, is my favourite meme ever, allowing book bloggers to showcase our fictional crushes (and drool over each other's). This week I tried to think of the scariest book boyfriend I could, in honour of Halloween. The problem is, scary books don't generally lend themselves to book boyfriends. The closest I've come to a creepy (but still hot) fictional guy lately is the demonic (literally) Julian Ascher in Where Demons Fear To Tread by Stephanie Chong. He has his share of evil moments, but he also has some pretty sweet ones. And he's ridiculously good looking. I pictured him as Matt Bomer.

Swoon-Worthy Quotes

"He would let her go, not only because his honour demanded it, but because it was the best thing for her. In her absense, he would survive... He bent to kiss her. Tried to ignore the certain knowledge brewing within him that he was kidding himself that his life would ever be the same without her."

"They were linked, he and she. He wasn't sure if he could ever go back. And it scared the shit out of him."

"He had lost himself to her, utterly and irrevocably... He realised he had meant it when he'd told her she had made him believe in love. Because he had fallen in love with her."

"With her, he felt some part of himself falling, some part of him that was ripped away as he reached out, realising that he was too late to catch her. He MUST save her, or a part of him would die with her on this desert rock."
Images via Matt Bomer Fan


  1. I can totally see Julian in the last picture. Even though he was a scary demon I always thought he had a sweetness about him.

  2. I love Matt Bomer! But ofcourse, all good men are taken...this time a man took him! Thanks for the amazing pics...made my day!

  3. Did you just Matt Bomer me? Woozer! That man... his incredible eyes! *melts*

    I haven't Where Demons Fear to Tread yet, but Julian does sound sweet.

  4. He sounds so sweet! and um, that last pic... yes, please! I LOVE a man in a nice suit ;)

  5. Oh I am so going to steal this BB! I loved Julian. Such a sweet demon from hell! LOL Oh I agree!


    He is mine! ;D

  6. I love sexy demons...see my MBB post this week (

    Thanks for the awesome Matt Bomer pictures...I love White Collar for him alone!

  7. Ohhh i love those quotes, i must check this book out.
    I especially love demons..
    And.. i love that you used Matt Bomer, he is so sexy!

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