Monday 31 October 2011

October in Review

October 31. It marks Halloween for Americans, but for us Aussies? It's the last day we have to do our tax. Fun times. I know what I'd rather be doing right now... Anyhoo, October 31 also means another month is over! While it makes me incredibly anxious to see the year slipping away so quickly, I'm happy to report I had a pretty awesome reading month.

I read and reviewed...
Reading icons I admired...
I wanted to buy... 
I listed...
How was your October?


  1. Taxes? Interesting. I had no idea. Tax day is in April for us :)

  2. Actually, I'm totally going to be the bookkeeper I am and tell you that tax season for personal taxes ends September 15th. If you have a corporation or company its different. LOL! I'm done talking taxes though. Sorry.

    Happy October...may your taxes bring a refund!;D (Does that happen in Australia?)

  3. I love your wrap ups! It helps me track down the things I've missed! Thanks Belle!

  4. Wowers Belle, you do get through a lot of books in one month!