Thursday 27 October 2011

Bookish Buys: Costume Fun

Man, I wish we celebrated Halloween in Australia. It seems like so much fun. Just look at these costume ideas!

Mad-Eye Moody (in possibly the scariest interpretation of a Harry Potter costume ever)

Sookie Stackhouse Merlotte's Tee

Dread Pirate Roberts Mask

Austen Character Regency Dress (*siiiiiiiigh*)

Queen of Hearts Costume

Robin Hood Pet Costume (Hee!)

Complete Jacob Black Costume

So, if you're doing the Halloween thing, let me live vicariously through you - tell me what you're dressing up as!


  1. LOL "completely Jacob Black" costume.
    LOVE the dresses.

  2. Wow, that Mad Eye Moody head is reaaaaally creepy. I think I might have nightmares now!

    LOL @ the Jacob Black costume. These are fantastic! Unfortunately I just didn't have the time or energy to do Halloween this year.

  3. hahahahaaha the Jacob Black costume is hilarious! Thanks for giving me a good laugh after that HORRIFYING Mad Eye head :P

  4. LOL! Jacob Black!

    And yeah, I'm totally creeped out by that Mad Eye Moody head. *shudders*

    I have that Merlotte's tee, and I love it. My sister is going to be the Red Queen this year, the 'slutty' version, and she is super excited about it. LOL

  5. LOL! Love the Jacob costume! Hee hee. I'm not dressing up this I sorta feel bad.

  6. The Mad Eye Moody mask would give me nightmares! God, that thing is AWFUL!

    I love the Queen of Hearts costume though, it's beautiful.

  7. That Jacob costume is hilarious! I'm in Australia too, I wish we did more Halloween-y things. My friends and I often have costume parties for the Halloween weekend but it's missing some of the atmosphere that I imagine surrounds the holiday in the States.

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