Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bookish Buys: Twilight Edition

As you might expect with the massive Twi fandom, there is a ridonkulous amount of merch out there. Unfortunately, most of it is really daggy/creepy/weird/hilariously lame. But I sifted through all the crapola to find the most unfugly items I could...

Edward necklace by Pretty Little Charms

Twilight pencils by Bouncing Ball Creation

Twilight ornaments by In From The Rains

Team Jacob card by Cards By CG

Twilight confetti by Firefly

Renesmee's locket by Midnight Sunn

Vampire skin ring by The Crafty Sprite

Bite Me necklace by Charms 4 You

Bad wigs mug by LTT/LTR

Breaking Dawn necklace by Enchanted Leaves


  1. Ohhhh these are awesome!!! My hubby's name is Edward...itching to get the Edward necklace.... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ok, the pencils and chess charms are kinda cool in their own way. But the Team Jacob cards are disturbing.

    Enough said. XD