Wednesday 9 November 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Luis Fuentes


My Book Boyfriend, hosted by the lovely Missie at The Unread Reader, is a weekly meme that allows book bloggers to showcase our fictional crushes (and drool over each other's). This week I'm rounding out the Fuentes trifecta with Luis, who follows his brothers Alex and Carlos in Simone Elkeles' Perfect Chemistry series. Luis is the youngest, most sensitive and innocent Fuentes brother, but he's also a confident, cocky womaniser (in a cute, non-creepy way). Until he meets the right girl, naturally. I pictured him as Diego Boneta.

Swoon-Worthy Quotes
"I reach out for her waist and gently urge her toward me. We're face-to-face now. She looks up at me with long eyelashes that almost touch her eyebrows and eyes that I could melt into if she'd let me. There's no mistaking the electricity pulsing through the air between us. If we got together, it would be explosive... in a really good way. She's intimidating, which is sexy as all hell. I don't get intimidated easily. 'Hola, corazon,' I say, and wiggle my eyebrows at her. I expect her to smile. Or laugh. I don't expect her to knee me in the nuts and say 'Fuck you'. Which is exactly what Nikki Cruz does."
"'I'm fallin' in love with you,' I blurt out. Oh, shit. Did that really just come out of my mouth? I've never said that to a girl before, and promised myself that I'd never say it if I didn't mean it. The scariest part is that I did."
"He kisses me again. And again. And again. 'Your pulse is racin',' he whispers against my skin."
"'Want me to list all the reasons I love you?' he asks me. 'I wrote a poem about it for English class... I called you my forever and always.'"


  1. This is the first Luis I've seen. I am not a big fan of the book but I liked Luis, he was cute and he had some great moments (and some hot ones).
    I love the couple pic :)

  2. Cutie. And I love this guy's soft curls.

  3. I've been meaning o read the Perfect Chemistry series for a while now...must bump it up the tbr...

    Here's PiF's

  4. Holding a puppy! Who wouldn't love a guy like that. I like how you picked out someone who has a young look. It highlights Luis's basic kindness.

  5. "cocky womaniser (in a cute, non-creepy way)"

    LOL! Okay, I needs to get this book back from my sister asap! She has kept it hostage for way too long. And thanks for putting Diego Boneta on my radar.

  6. I have heard so much about Perfect Chemistry series, I really need to get myself this books to read. And they are brother you say!! ^_^
    Book in TBR. Next time in library they are so mine XD

  7. I have GOT to read these books! I'm so far behind and everyone talks about how fantastic they are.

    And omg, the puppy picture. How cute! That should be in the Hot Boys with Cute Animals calendar (have you seen that one? It's fantastic!)

  8. Awwwww cute cute with cute puppy, what more do you need? Alex is still my favourite brother though!

    My book boyfriend

  9. I totally love this series! I need to do a re-read soon :) Thanks for reminding me chicky!!

    (LOVE that picture when he's behind that girl...*scratches out her face and replaces it with mine*) Love you girl!!

  10. I haven't read Chain Reaction yet, but I'm eager to. Love the curly hair! Great choice!

  11. ACK! You are so making me want this series. LOOK at that middle pic with the Am. Bulldog! Awwww.... *sigh*

  12. I'm in love with Jesse <3 ;P You should totally read these books!
    Great choice! I haven't read the books but I'm already liking the guy! ;)
    Thanks for visiting! =)

  13. I like your Luis better than the one in the book trailer! I loved this series...Chain Reaction is the only one I need to acquire to complete my set...

  14. OMG, I haven't gotten to Chain Reaction yet, but I'm dying to read it, and even more so now after reading this post! I love me some Fuentes brothers and it's time to meet Luis like... yesterday! *thud*

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend