Tuesday 1 November 2011

Pash, Pick or Pass: The Men of Little Women

Time to play Pash, Pick or Pass - a game where we pick from a random book trio and say who we'd pash (and dash), who we'd pick for a relationship and who we'd pass on all together.

The Contenders
From Louisa May Alcott's Little Women...

Jo's husband, Professor Bhaer
Amy's husband, Laurie
Meg's husband, John Brooke
My Choices

Pash: Prof Bhaer. I always got the impression he was quite passionate underneath that reserved exterior.

Pick: Laurie. Because it's LAURIE! Jo made the dumbest choice ever when she said no to him. And then poor Laurie got stuck with Amy. I'd make him feel better.

Pass: John Brooke. Mainly because the cast of the movie are ingrained in my head, and Eric Stoltz gives me the heebie jeebies.

Who would you pash, pick and pass from Little Women? What kinda guy do you think Beth would have married if she'd lived (sob!)?


  1. It always made me so sad that Laurie ended up with Amy. If he couldn't be with Jo I wish it could have been anyone else! Laurie would be my pick, as for the pash and pass? Hmmmm, not sure!

    Beth would have ended up with the most amazing, caring, wonderful man that has ever lived because that's what she deserved!

  2. Okay, so up front, I have major older man crush on Gabriel Byrne. For me Prof. Bhaer would be pick. Laurie, pash. And poor Mr Brooke a pass.

    Why, you ask? Because Laurie is CHANGEABLE. He is frivolous in his affections. It peeved me that he moved onto Amy all like, if I can't have Jo I must have someone from the family. Ugh! And Amy, don't get me started!

    Prof. Bhaer was a steady strong presence for Jo. So kind and loving in his own quiet way. And I completely agree, once those doors were closed I reckon he'd be smokin' :).

  3. Leaving aside that Jo make a very silly mistakes (I mean, what's not to love about Laurie?), I wish she could have ended up with someone just as good at least. Not so stuffy? But who knows Belle, maybe you're right and he had hidden passions :P

    Def pick Laurie, pass on Prof Bhaer even though I quite like Gabrielle Byrne and pash John Brooke but with my eyes closed!

  4. I have never read Little Women.. I mean I think most my knowledge of the book is from Wishbone. BUT I think your picks are great!

  5. Pick the Professor for all the reasons already mentioned :)

    Pash Laurie, cause, come on Christian Bale!

    Pass on Mr Brooke because he's always an afterthought anyway.

  6. LOVE your choices but I don't know about passing on Eric! For some reason (ever since I first saw "Some Kind of Wonderful" (1987)) I've always had the biggest crush on him.

  7. As a Jo myself, I will quite happily remedy t'other Jo's ridiculous decision and pick Laurie. Because I'm human.
    Pash the professor because he seems wise and I agree, quite passionate underneath.

    Move along John Brooke.

    (Love this post, love the book and love the film :-D)

  8. I'm totally with you about Laurie. And because of my love for him I'd have to pass on Bhaer. So I guess that leave Brooke for my pash. *cringes*

  9. I think I agree with you. Love Laurie. Oh and plus, with the casting... such a pick! :)

  10. I Pick Laurie. I love Laurie and I agree that if he couldn't have been with Jo, he should have been with anyone else. I would Pass on Prof. Bhaer. He's so much older than Jo and I'm just not feeling him.

  11. Ummm cn I just keep Laurie because DANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG