Saturday 26 November 2011

Reading Icons: Betty Draper Francis

Poor Betty. There's not much she can control in her life, except her looks, her kids... and her reading habits. And boy, does she control them. My favourite Betty quote was when she told her son, who was complaining about being bored:

"Go bang your head against the wall. Only boring people are bored."

Classic. I hope she doesn't get cut from the Mad Men, as has been rumoured, because I love her scenes. Not least because she's so darn pretty...


  1. Love Mad Men, but sorta hate Betty (guess that's the point). I feel so bad for the secretary turned copy editor. She is so in love with Draper, but it's gonna go unnoticed.

  2. You mean Peggy? I think they have a platonic love and respect for one another. I love their relationship.

  3. How cute. Love it! I need to watch this show.