Friday 1 July 2011

Bookish Buys: True Blood Edition

Yes, I've got True Blood on the brain this week. I still haven't seen the new episode yet and I'm getting seriously twitchy. So I have to get my fix in other ways - like looking at this cool merch.

I actually own this necklace from Corso Studio, and it's like a True Blood fan detection device - when I wear it, I get knowing smiles from those who are fans, and strange looks from those who aren't.

I expect the same thing would happen with this necklace. Even non-Truebies would probably get it, but they might still raise an eyebrow.

This one makes me smile, because I freaking love Pam. Even though when she said this line, she was interrupting this.

I thought this necklace - inspired by Godric's tattoo - was pretty clever. Not sure I'd wear it myself, but props for uniqueness.

Here's another cool decal, this time from Mac Appeal. Apple should seriously sponsor these people, because I totally want to buy their products, just so I can decorate them.

I loved cross stitch as a kid and only recently embraced my inner nanna and got into it again. I'm currently finishing off a Peter Rabbit bookmark (yes, alongside my inner nanna sits an inner six-year-old) and have already ordered this awesome Pretty in Pink pattern for my next attempt, but if I haven't run out of steam by then I might just give this one a go - at least you only need one colour!

And I've saved the best for last. It's a Bill Compton voodoo doll! I need this, like, now, to release all my Beel-inspired aggression. I have a lot of it. Even better would be an Eric Northman stress doll that I could hug and squeeze to my heart's content. What? Get your minds out of the gutter, people!


  1. LOL! Thaat voodoo doll is freaky. I love the decal for the mac too :)

  2. Hahahaha - I love that Bill voodoo doll! That is hilariously awesome. He's even crying!

  3. I need to watch this show! *please don't kill me* I will be sure to find season 1 somewhere lol

  4. I wish True Blood had stayed closer in content to the books. I watch it and it's like a whole other series. I'm not a fan like I used to be.

    But this stuff is cute. I love Pam! She has the best lines.

  5. I love these! The necklaces are really nice. I want an Eric Northman doll though. I can do without Bill. ;) Although the doll is awesome.

  6. Missie - I only read the books after I watched all three seasons of the show, but some of the changes I found I liked (such as Lafayette staying alive and the addition of Jessica), others were just silly. But if they screw up the fourth book this season I will be extremely annoyed - it's my favourite book, and I love the Eric/Sookie storyline. They better do it well!

  7. Ah! I love the Pam quote jewelry.

    I haven't read the books yet but if Eric doesn't get some love soon, I am going to revolt!