Tuesday 18 October 2011

Pash, Pick or Pass: The Gatsby Edition

Time to play Pash, Pick or Pass - a game where we pick from a random book trio and say who we'd pash (and dash), who we'd pick for a relationship and who we'd pass on all together.

The Contenders
When I heard the news yesterday that Baz Luhrmann's upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby would be released at Christmas, I got excited. Until I realised it was Christmas 2012. I can't wait that long! Of course, I'll have to... So to ease the pain of waiting, I decided to play Pash, Pick or Pass with the Gatsby boys this week. Although I'm excited for the movie, the cast aren't exactly who I pictured when I read it, so these are my ideas of the boys...

Nick Carraway

Jay Gatsby

Tom Buchanan
My Choices

Pash: Gatsby, of course. Handsome, rich, fun... but way too messed up for anything permanent.

Pick: Nick. Yeah, he's kinda boring, but he's also kind, smart and stable - the natural choice out of the three for a lifelong commitment. I can always have Gatsby on the side, right? Not that I agree with that kind of thing. But this is Fitzgerald's world, not the real world, so what the hey.

Pass: Tom. He's one hell of a man, really. Emphasis on hell. He's such a brute. He and Daisy deserve each other.

Who would you pash/pick/pass?

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  1. I would agree, but you make it hard with those pics! LOL

  2. I haven't read the book yet but I will next year (it's a requited reading for school) maybe I will start it early though!! Sure want to have the book read before the movie!

    Oh my, I love the actor playing Tom Buchanan! he was in inception♥

    fantastic post:D

    -thank you&come again.

  3. Pick Gatsby. That man went to great lengths all for the love of a woman (at least according to my foggy memory of the book). I could get used to that kind of devotion (assuming I was the woman, that is) and I could certainly get used to living in his mansion!

    Pash Tom. Sure, he's nothing to write home about, but he looks pretty good in that picture ;)

    Pass on Nick. Boring, wimpy, and I don't like Ryan Gosling (but shhh don't tell my mom, she LOVES him).

  4. Pash: Nick
    Pick: Gatsby
    Pass: Tom

    Love your picks much better.

  5. Oh Ryan Gosling is so dreamy!
    I havent read this novel but i've seen the original movie, unfortunetly i cant remember much of the story but how gorgeous the clothes were!

  6. I think I have to agree with all of your choices on this round. Gatsby is one of my all time favourite novels (and films). I honestly don't think anyone can play a better Gatsby than Robert Redford and now that I think about it, if Redford really was Gatsby, I might have to pick him cause he's just waaay too dreamy.


  7. So ashamed to admit I've never read this.